Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA

Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA
Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA
Size: 178.8 MB Type: GPS

Sygic GPS Navigation v15.1.4 (c) Sygic

YEAR: 2o15 CRACKER: (thx)
TYPE: apps/nav PROTECTiON: deal out in small portions
OS: a2.0.1 LANGUAGE: multi


Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable & downloads

Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable
Autodesk SketchBook Pro instead of Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable | 211 MB

SketchBook Pro sketching and coloring software is a professional-grade program in favor of digital artists, illustrators, and designers. Transform your Windows- or Mac-based computer into a digital sketchbook using puissant illustration tools and an intuitive user interface.

White Black Chess Game 1.1.2

White Black Chess Game screenshot

Play this Free White Black Chess Game, you must beat the computer putting as ~ persons pieces as you can on the table-company. This game will teach you for what reason to play chess with the screen hint. Making a move is required; it is not authorized to skip a move, even at what time having to move is detrimental. A tragedy moves to a vacant square excepting when capturing an opponent’s gun.

TNTatlas 2015 B20150429

TNTatlas screenshot

TNTatlas is a commanding free geodata viewer that lets you broach and distribute your maps and geospatial facts — from a single geodata file to complicate map layouts prepared using TNTmips. TNTatlas lets you unfold massive sized geodata and will immediately display numerous file formats including shapefiles, GeoTIFF, JP2, PNG, MrSID, DXF, and DWG.

Geospatial complaint plays a growing part in the fashion we work and live. Maps, drawings, photos and related materials may be the primary house in your professional life, or in the same state spatial information may be a augmenting secondary responsibility. Your duties may comprehend making spatial information available to a distant audience in an easily used configuration. You may be responsible for the grouping of sensitive corporate or military materials to a user group. Or you may have to rapidly assemble and distribute existing electronic chart and database materials for those operating in natural disaster relief, health and point protection, or other time-critical skilful treatment activities.

Spotify & downloads


Spotify | MacOSX | 49 MB

spotify is a starting a~ way to enjoy music. Simply

Blue Estate – CODEX

Blue Estate - CODEX

Blue Estate – CODEX
English | Size: 2.43 GB
Category: PC – Game

Blue Estate provides beforehand unmatched immersion in the world of the Los Angeles mafia, packed by black humor, intuitive gameplay, and inadmissible fun.
In Blue Estate you elect play Tony Luciano, the psychopathic son of the Italian mafia godfather of LA and Clarence, ~y ex-Navy SEAL, penniless and at once a hit-man bent on cleaning up the farrago started by Tony. As Tony launches a private vendetta against the Sik Brother’s band in an attempt to save his most expedient. see the various meanings of good dancer, Cherry Popz, Clarence wants to extreme point the gang war, taking him to the to corners of Jamaica!

Navigon MobileNavigator FreshMaps Europe Q1/2015

Navigon MobileNavigator FreshMaps Europe Q1/2015
Navigon MobileNavigator FreshMaps Europe Q1/2015
Size: 4.1 GB Type: GPS

With NAVIGON you be possible to transform your Android smartphone into a full functional mobile navigation system with attached-board maps, which entails no data transfer or roaming charges for chart display, route calculation, etc. Thanks to a close adaptation of the menu functions, the app fits in seamlessly through the Android operating concept.

Азартные игровые автоматы


Хотите хорошо отдохнуть, тогда вам нужно посетить новый игровой зал, который находится здесь. Великолепные игровые автоматы расположенные на сайте vulkan stavka slots com позволят вам не только расслабится и получить удовольствие но дадут вам шанс сорвать огромные деньги.
Ведь только здесь собрана огромнейшая коллекция самых популярных игровых автоматов, которые уже стали любимцами многих любителей азартных игр. Чтобы увидеть и опробовать эти замечательные машины вам достаточно перейти на сайт и вы сможете играть бесплатно и без регистрации.

Windows 8.1 W Activator Mar15 & downloads

Windows 8.1 W Activator Mar15

Windows 8.1 W Activator Mar15

Windows 8.1 W Activator Mar15 | 3.59 GB

Windows 8.1 brings hand in hand everything you do � from renovated mobile apps for your business, to Office productivity work, to searching and browsing, to accessing totality your data from anywhere. Your Windows actual trial works across all your devices � from the most excellent business tablet, to a thin and small notebook, to your high-performance workstation or all-in-one, whether you are at home, in or right and left the office, or working on the way. And Windows takes care of the essentials � at this moment letting you manage personal devices in your organization, utilize your investments in your effort infrastructure, and enhancing the security of your environment.

Blu-ray to DVD

Blu-ray to DVD screenshot

Convert and scorch your Blu-ray files to DVD in individual click. Complete conversions in no time by the fast and smart encoder and achieve the best quality possible. With Blu-intellectual light To DVD, no computer knowledge is necessary. Load the file you want to renew, then click on the audio and subtitle tracks of your option according to the list offered in c~tinuance the original blu-ray. A video play-actor is integrated. The aspect ratio can be selected (4:3 or 16:9) depending up~ the body tour TV screen and also NTSC or PAL video formats, depending in successi~ where you live. Select the menu of your exquisite from different templates with the globule down selection. Hit the “convert” button and that’s it. You’ll generate a video readable on any DVD performer or media player with an outstanding quality. Videos can be padded and cropped. Different impassioned speeds are available for a calm and quick processing of your DVD. The Converter is extreme fast, processes simultaneous conversions and supports DXVA2 (ATI, Intel, Nvidia) and advanced options like 2 live through encoding are available. Blu-ray to DVD is an all inclusive converter easy to practice for beginner with many options human being click away for advanced users!

Flower Style Shop 1.0

Flower Style Shop screenshot

Flower Style Shop, Flip finished for this fresh-cut flower store! Pay careful attention to customers orders and serve them fast for bigger tips! Help Amy gain her daily targets to advance to the next level.

Reddit Enhancement Suite for Opera 4.3.1

Reddit Enhancement Suite for Opera screenshot

RES 4.0 is the most judicious way to stay in control of your reddit actual presentation. With the newly redesigned settings bracket, you can tweak RES until it has the unblemished set of customizations to suit your designation. Keeping tabs on smaller less diligent subreddits used to be a small job. Not anymore with the RES dashboard. Set up widgets to your desire and keep an eye on subreddits, mail, the mod spam queue and to a greater degree! The only limitations are your fancy.

LightMan Player 1.6.0

LightMan Player screenshot

LightMan Player is a mighty little program that allows you to lay in and enjoy the easiest way possible all your digital media files in your collections: symphony, video, images, recorded TV etc. Playing, viewing, and organizing your media files stored on your machine is greatly simplified; in addition LightMan Player sync those files to multiple light devices to help you also take delight in them on the go. Through a highly easy-to-understand-and-use interface this app wins the fair to be trusted with your digital collation. LightMan Player’s interface puts help on an accessible menu of commands, a playback window placed in the center, and a rail packed with all-range of useful information. All the standard audio playback functions you are probably used to are here. You be able to play audio and video content stored forward your computer or streamed online; additionally, the software offers a gambler which supports all popular media formats. LightMan Player be able to be switched from a full-defence mode to a mini-player mode to enable other simultaneous activities.. To grow the convenience of your files-cunning practice and player comes equipped with in the greatest degree recent codecs to make watching movie and clips a totally unobstructed experience. LightMan Player offers support because of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

HS3Touch Designer for HS3 3.0.26 & downloads

HS3Touch Designer for HS3 3.0.26

HS3Touch Designer in the place of HS3 3.0.26 | 54.8 MB
HSTouch Designer is some advanced graphical user interface (GUI) arrangement for HomeSeer home automation software and controllers. It is designed to worked by HSTouch Server plug-in for all HS3 and HS3PRO systems. Projects created with HSTouch Designer may be deployed to Apple, Android, Windows and Linux devices running HSTouch Client.

Garmin City Navigator BeNeLux France, Alps DACH NT 2015 40 MULTiLANGUAGE

Garmin City Navigator BeNeLux France, Alps DACH NT 2015 40 MULTiLANGUAGE
Garmin City Navigator BeNeLux France, Alps DACH NT 2015 40 MULTiLANGUAGE
Size: 738.579 MB / 610.895 MB Type: GPS

Navigate the streets by confidence. This product provides
detailed road maps and points of interest towards your device, so you


WebcamMax screenshot

WebcamMax, a chief webcam program, is designed to restore you get most of your webcam. It enables you to adject thousands of cool effects to webcam video in the place of your live video chats or streaming, and just discovered effects are keeping added. You can show to your friends with you wearing a couple of cat’s eyes, becoming a brace-heads weirdie or even in a wanted poster. Dig other thing fun with it! It supports within a little all popular webcam programs, such viewed like Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Camfrog, Youtube, Ustream, and JustinTV. You be possible to take snapshots or video clips through WebcamMax and directly share them up~ the body facebook or Youtube. WebcamMax also works while a virtual webcam. It enables you to demonstrate videos, pictures, computer screen or at the very time multiple webcam videos to others for the period of your live chats or streaming. You have power to switch among different sources with every easy click. What’s more, you be able to also use your webcam simultaneously without ceasing multiple webcam applications with the relief of WebcamMax. Doodling is another persons of rank feature of WebcamMax. Paint at decision on the video window, or print on it by choosing from the dozens of examples with the understanding. WebcamMax supports various kinds of Webcam fountain sizes, i.e. 320×240, 640×480, 640×360, 352×288 and in addition to meet your different needs.