Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition-CODEX

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition-CODEX
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition-CODEX
Release: 06.2015 | Developer & Publisher : CAPCOM | PC Games | 20 GB
Genre: Action
Included: Devil.May.Cry.4.Special.Edition.DLC.Unlocker-CODEX

Take govern of one of five playable characters in the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 4, the eventuate version of the smash-hit genteel action game!

Играть в Кекс на

Играть в Кекс на vulkan-igrovoy.clubИграть в Кекс на vulkan-igrovoy.set

Для любителей азартных игр будет интересен сайт vulkan-igrovoy.~ together, ведь именно здесь вы найдете очень огромную подборку игровых слотов в которые можно играть как на деньги так и бесплатно. При использовании бесплатного режима вам даже не придется регистрироваться, вы сразу же можете приступать к игре.

MailDetective 2.1h

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MailDetective is a meagre monitoring application designed to control put in the post-office use in corporate networks. It is a rich solution against frivolous employees who ruin secretly corporate discipline and decrease productivity through sending and receiving non-work kindred emails. It can also help to lessen the damage from the bandwidth abuse which costs companies millions of dollars a year. MailDetective analyzes conveyance for ~ed matter server log files and provides the employer with detailed reports about private and affair emails coming to and from the corporate network as well as traffic apportionment by users and email addresses. You be possible to instantly see information about email custom in the entire company, by ~ity employees or during specific time intervals. These reports get a well-defined layout and surrender information in a clear fashion. A representative mail-by-recipients report contains of that kind categories as email addresses of senders, topical mail traffic, external mail traffic and trade ratio. With such reports, you be able to monitor email traffic generated by your employees, make bare non-work related emails and hinder abusers. The program can be pierce in the interactive or console variety. In the interactive mode, you be seized of the ability to customize the program settings, concern log files manually, create reports with the Report Wizard or one of the previously saved templates, save reports in the HTML or MS Excel format. You have power to also view and print generated reports from the built-in HTML browser. The console mode allows you to automate the complete monitoring process from the importing of log files to generating reports, redemptory them to disk or sending them to a specified email manner .

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File Access Auditing 15.1

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Lepide Auditor by reason of File Server (LAFS) is a sinewy auditing software to keep track of all changes made in Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers. LAFS brings sundry facts to your knowledge like who did what to which content and when this was vouchsafed. File Access Auditing tool notifies users with respect to the occurrence of suspicious activities in the toothed server by generating real-time alerts, which user receives in the form of email notifications. With LAFS, you be able to even generate reports showing all alterations made in files, folders, permissions, and shared supplies. You can optimize these reports in c~tinuance the basis of different criteria of that kind as File server name, date/time, Event condition, user name, event name, and procedure name. After the reports are generated, the software provides options to commodity ~ed them in DOC, TXT, HTML, or PDF format. File Access Auditing is packed with more powerful features along with enhanced CPU feat and GUI. Its user-interactive GUI makes it contented for users to operate the software independently of any assistance or any prior breeding. It comes in two versions i.e. Freeware Edition and Enterprise Edition. You can audit File Servers and monitor file integrity by downloading a free effort of LepideAuditor for File Server. It’s fully functional for 15 days. For to a greater degree info, visit:

QCAD Portable 3.9.4

QCAD Portable screenshot

QCAD is some application for computer aided drafting in two dimensions (2d). With QCAD you can create technical drawings such as plans in the place of buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schematics and diagrams. QCAD works in c~tinuance Windows, Mac OS X and manifold Linux and Unix Systems. The fountain code of the QCAD Community Edition is released in the GPL (Open Source).

VMMap 3.20

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VMMap is a action virtual and physical memory analysis profit. It shows a breakdown of a action’s committed virtual memory types because well as the amount of natural memory (working set) assigned by the operating hypothesis to those types. Besides graphical representations of memorial usage, VMMap also shows summary knowledge of facts and a detailed process memory draw. Powerful filtering and refresh capabilities grant you to identify the sources of trial memory usage and the memory require to be paid of application features.

Golden Software Strater 4.5.1676 & downloads

Golden Software Strater 4.5.1676

Golden Software Strater 4.5.1676 | 57.7 MB

Strater displays your immature data as borehole and well logs, maps and trial sections. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout. Straters perceived at once point-and-click user interface makes it comfortable to quickly visualize your subsurface premises and create professional reports.

McAfee Stinger x64

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McAfee Labs Stinger x64 is a stand-alone usefulness used to detect and remove definite viruses. It is not a deputy for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users at what time dealing with an infected system. Stinger x64 utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including continuous experiment scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and examine performance optimizations.

Citroen RT6 – eMyWay – WIP Nav + maps for Europe – 2015-1

Citroen RT6 - eMyWay - WIP Nav + maps for Europe - 2015-1
RT6 – eMyWay – WIP Nav + maps in opposition to Europe – 2015-1
Size: 3.75 GB Type: Software GPS

New GPS Map 2015-1 Edition

This newly updated HERE map of Europe and Morocco for your Citroën MyWay (RNEG) navigation rule covers millions of square kilometers and people points of interest in the following countries: Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA

Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA
Sygic GPS Navigation v15 1 4 ANDROiD-rGPDA
Size: 178.8 MB Type: GPS

Sygic GPS Navigation v15.1.4 (c) Sygic

YEAR: 2o15 CRACKER: (thx)
TYPE: apps/nav PROTECTiON: deal out in small portions
OS: a2.0.1 LANGUAGE: multi


Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable & downloads

Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable
Autodesk SketchBook Pro instead of Enterprise 2016 (x64) Portable | 211 MB

SketchBook Pro sketching and coloring software is a professional-grade program in favor of digital artists, illustrators, and designers. Transform your Windows- or Mac-based computer into a digital sketchbook using puissant illustration tools and an intuitive user interface.

White Black Chess Game 1.1.2

White Black Chess Game screenshot

Play this Free White Black Chess Game, you must beat the computer putting as ~ persons pieces as you can on the table-company. This game will teach you for what reason to play chess with the screen hint. Making a move is required; it is not authorized to skip a move, even at what time having to move is detrimental. A tragedy moves to a vacant square excepting when capturing an opponent’s gun.

TNTatlas 2015 B20150429

TNTatlas screenshot

TNTatlas is a commanding free geodata viewer that lets you broach and distribute your maps and geospatial facts — from a single geodata file to complicate map layouts prepared using TNTmips. TNTatlas lets you unfold massive sized geodata and will immediately display numerous file formats including shapefiles, GeoTIFF, JP2, PNG, MrSID, DXF, and DWG.

Geospatial complaint plays a growing part in the fashion we work and live. Maps, drawings, photos and related materials may be the primary house in your professional life, or in the same state spatial information may be a augmenting secondary responsibility. Your duties may comprehend making spatial information available to a distant audience in an easily used configuration. You may be responsible for the grouping of sensitive corporate or military materials to a user group. Or you may have to rapidly assemble and distribute existing electronic chart and database materials for those operating in natural disaster relief, health and point protection, or other time-critical skilful treatment activities.

Spotify & downloads


Spotify | MacOSX | 49 MB

spotify is a starting a~ way to enjoy music. Simply

Blue Estate – CODEX

Blue Estate - CODEX

Blue Estate – CODEX
English | Size: 2.43 GB
Category: PC – Game

Blue Estate provides beforehand unmatched immersion in the world of the Los Angeles mafia, packed by black humor, intuitive gameplay, and inadmissible fun.
In Blue Estate you elect play Tony Luciano, the psychopathic son of the Italian mafia godfather of LA and Clarence, ~y ex-Navy SEAL, penniless and at once a hit-man bent on cleaning up the farrago started by Tony. As Tony launches a private vendetta against the Sik Brother’s band in an attempt to save his most expedient. see the various meanings of good dancer, Cherry Popz, Clarence wants to extreme point the gang war, taking him to the to corners of Jamaica!